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Motivation Monday: Octobers Mantra.

So the goal of this little weekly post has been to bring y’all along on my journey toward a healthier lifestyle (which also includes loosing some weight) you can see my first Motivation Monday here for more details.. After getting some feedback someone brought up that I hadn’t been specific about what exactly my goals are and where I’m at currently.

I can see her point, it would be easy to sit behind a computer and preach a healthy lifestyle while downing an entire bag of Doritos (Cool Ranch of course) in one sitting and not actually living out anything that I talk about.

But then again it is also really hard to be completely translucent (on the inter-webs, with complete strangers) about something that makes me feel a little ashamed.

Technically I don’t really have a weight goal (though if you ask Weight Watchers, or my fitBit they would both say 180lbs), I simply don’t want to die of a heart attack at 40, which with my family history is quite likely.

Where am I at towards this goal? Well thanks to Weight Watchers I get to weigh myself every Monday morning. This morning I checked in at 230. So far since this journey began in February I am down 34 pounds.

There are a few other measures I use to track my progress.

I really got serious about working out in May when The Hubs and I started going to the local rec center, it took us a while to find something that fit our needs but when we did we were all in. My stamina, strength and flexibility have all improved in that time. I use to come home sore from every work out but now that I have gotten use to it I feel refreshed and relaxed after every workout.

What has really helped me in achieving all this (which to me is a great feat) is setting goals. In the beginning I was lucky to make it to two classes a week, which at the time was my goal, as the months went on I kept adding to my goal and slowly but surely I saw results.

Motivation Monday.

Every month I pick a mantra and make a picture to post as the lock screen on my phone. Then it’s right at my finger tips if I need a little extra encouragement.

The process of setting small achievable goals, seeing them reached, and then adding a new goal has made a world of difference.

So what are my goals from October? Get below 215, run a mile in under 18 mins, complete a full set of teasers in Pilates without taking a break, and only eat out once a week.

Do you have any fitness goals that you are working to achieve? Let me know, I would love to encourage you.

Check back in November to see how it goes.


4 comments on “Motivation Monday: Octobers Mantra.

  1. maryintheboondocks
    October 5, 2015

    I like your goals, I too want to be healthy and not have a heart attack any time soon. Good luck with your fitness regime. I used to go walking everyother day but lately I haven’t been doing it, Maybe your post will get me motivated again.


    • vintagefrontier
      October 5, 2015

      Thanks Mary. I always have to remind myself that it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t hard. Going for walks with my husband in the fall are my favorite, now that you mention it…I think we will take one tonight.


  2. thesurprisedgourmet
    October 5, 2015

    I admire your goals and especially the progress you’ve made. Getting fit is a topic around our house that we’ve been trying to undertake but find ourselves slipping more than advancing. I like your mantra for this month. I think I’ll give it a try.


    • vintagefrontier
      October 5, 2015

      It is a contagious bug to catch, The Hubs even has the “fitness fever” as he likes to call it. Any little bit of encouragement can only help.


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