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Flash Back Five Minute Friday

Two Years ago today I was getting ready for my wedding. Looking back it was a crazy week…and I honestly don’t remember…but I was going through old posts from Facebook and it did happen and it was awesome.

So in honor of the we are gonna do a flashback Friday to my first post…which I posted without even realizing it was my first Five Minute Friday.

I hope you enjoy.

I have used an inspiration board on and off since I was in High School. Its useful for keeping track of idea’s you like, stuff you love, goals, and encouraging thoughts. Think of it as a pre-historic Pinterest. This version for me is simply something I can look up at every know and then, it also doubles as wall art.

A bright sunny place to work always allows for more focus and motivation.

A bright sunny place to work always allows for more focus and motivation.

I used an old shutter that I purchased at a vintage market, it has a few pictures of family, a postcard of an old church, some thank you cards from friends that I love, recipes that I cant wait to make, and idea of things I want to do. I like to keep it to the things that really make me go “YES!” or else it can get really full and then its not as inspirational. The best part is getting to take something down once you have completed it. Its a fun sense of accomplishment.  You can also change your board seasonally, mine has fun gardening ideas for spring, right now.

Add inspiration to any space.

If you have a ton of wall space to fill you can string ribbon across it horizontally and use clothes pins to hang those special things that inspire you.

You’ll also notice my Rodeo posters. I love love love to collect rodeo posters. The two above my desk are from The National Western Stock Show in Denver, from the years I was an intern. I imagine I am looking out a window at my own horses in the field, even though I live in the big city, someday maybe!

Recently on a road trip to Seattle, The Hubs and I stopped in Pendleton, Oregon and found a cute antique shop just off the highway. We stopped in and I found a vintage Pendleton Roundup Poster from 1978. I was so ecstatic, granted I still have never been to The Pendleton Round Up, now maybe I have a better excuse to go (I don’t really need an excuse to go to a rodeo). Its a bit of an odd size, but as soon as I find a frame for it, its going up.


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