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Motivation Monday: Finding your exercise routine.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be daunting. Not because we are incapable of it but because every person is unique and different and what works for one person might not work for another. However, we live in a culture that is constantly trying to sell a one size fits all, quick fix method of living a healthier life. So what is a person to do?

I struggled for a long time after we moved to Denver to find a routine that worked for me. I tried working out on my own at home. I tried joining one of those 24hr gyms. I tried work out video’s. Nothing really ever seemed to click.

Finding an exercise routine that works for you can be a challenge. Here's a few tips and some personal encouragement to not give up.

One day a flier for the city rec center showed up in our mailbox and I said to myself “Bubba”…I call myself that sometimes….”might as well give it a try, what can it hurt?.” Several fitness classes were offered and I decided to give one of those a try. I have always loved group fitness, I get a lot of energy and motivation from being around other people (call me an extrovert I suppose). 

The first class I went to was called Lunch Max Burn. It sounded great, and it was. The next week I tried a Pilate’s class and a spin class. The classes were small and the instructor was amazing! There was a full weight room with cardio equipment that you could drop in at any point, as well as a pool with open swim hours. Next thing you know The Hubs and I are signing up for an annual membership (they had a sale in July and we basically got two for the price of one).

I had found it! My place! I go four to five times a week now,  and I am seeing improvement in strength, flexibility and stamina. Most importantly, however, I am excited to go!

In the end that is what fitness should be about. Fun! I mentioned all the other things I had tried, tried and failed. They failed because they weren’t fun for me, I don’t like working out alone, I don’t like not having someone there to give me instruction. What I needed to find was My Routine. Not my husbands routine, or my best friends, not last seasons winner of the biggest loser, or Sandra Bullocks, but My routine. And that’s what you should be looking for.

What works for you?

  • Do you like working out alone but feel like you need a plan? Try an app on your phone. There are thousands. I like the Couch to 5K app, I use it on the treadmill at the gym. Popsugar has a great ap with quick workouts you can do at home.
  • Do you need a gym to go to (this is important if you live in a place where working out outside year round might not be a possibility) try out a few in your neighborhood, I have found that the closer the gym is to your house the more likely you are to go. Most gyms will always give you a free trial period to see if you like it. Check out Groupon they usually have good deals as well.
  • Maybe all you need is a large space in your living room and a TV. They have workout routines on Netfilx and Youtube. If you are a part of a community like Sparkpeople they offer a lot of great videos.
  • What about a team sport, is there a league you could join? Softball in the fall or spring, maybe a winter basketball league.

Maybe you will need to try out each of these options till you find what works for you. It’s important to not give up. Keep looking and trying new things. There is a routine out there for everyone.

What is your fitness routine like? If you don’t have one what kinds of things interest you?


3 comments on “Motivation Monday: Finding your exercise routine.

  1. Alex Guglielmo
    September 14, 2015

    I’m glad to hear your rec center works for you! Great tips to help others find what works for them, too! I know I definitely won’t make a committment to exercise unless I actually WANT to do it (life is short; it’s hard enough to find time to do things we want to do; why do things we just sorta should do, right?).

    I did P90X3 with my husband in our living room, and that worked well because of the accountability, and because it was short-term. Now we make an effort to create fitness opportunities for ourselves by taking long walks and the like. And with the leaves getting crunchy, I WANT to walk!


    • vintagefrontier
      September 16, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by. Its always great to hear when people find their routine. Taking walks in the fall is one of my favorites, it really helps me get my steps in for the day.


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