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Five Minute Friday: Encouragement Photo Frame

Welp Tuesday was The Hubs Birthday and it was a big one! This year my favorite gift that I got him (He got a few because he is EXTREMELY hard to shop for….did you read that Babes? Make it easier on a girl next year and just tell me what you want), was this Encouragement Photo Frame.

What is an Encouragement Photo Frame you might be asking…welp…it is a thing….and I just made it up. I’ll try to explain but once you see it you will understand.

This quick five minute project result is a great way to encourage someone you love....or just keep your to-do list in check.

I found a great old picture frame at the thrift shop, the glass is the key to this project, if you find a frame but it has plastic instead of glass, it won’t work as well.

I removed the photo from inside the frame and replaced it with a piece of scrap booking paper,  then I put the whole thing back together and hung it up in a place where my husband will see it. Anytime I really want to thank The Hubs for doing something sweet, or tell him how cute I think his butt is, I mean how much I appreciate him. I can just use a dry erase marker and leave him a message.

A thrift store frame and some scrapbook paper are all you need to encourage someone special in your life.

That’s all there is to it.

These up-cycled photo frames also work great for to-do lists or shopping lists.

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One comment on “Five Minute Friday: Encouragement Photo Frame

  1. Sheridan Johnson
    September 19, 2015

    I love this idea, and I definitely might be using this in the near future!


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