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Motivation Monday: Road Trip Eating.

Welp friends, tomorrow is the day. I’m off to Texas Antiques Week. I am so excited I could pee my pants (opps I think I just did a little). There will be plenty more on my adventure in the coming days. Join me over on Twitter and Instagram to hear all about it.

I am heading down with Steph from over at Sustaining the Powers, we are leaving early Tuesday morning with a quick stop for with evening in Wichita Falls, then on to Austin on Wednesday.

I have always felt that on a trip like this any hope of maintaining, or even losing weight, is shot. It doesn’t have to be. A little prior planning can help. Here are a few tips.

Packing lots of healthy fiber and protein rich foods for a road trip can help keep you from packing on the pounds.

Pack a cooler with plenty of protein, fiber rich, convenient food.

On a trip to Seattle with The Hubs last spring I discovered the beauty of pre packing lots of healthy snacks and meals for a road trip. Not only are you saving calories, you are saving time not having to stop and grab fast food.

I love packing tupperware full of apples, grapes, a packet of peanut butter, some individually wrapped cheese and a protein bar (aim for low sugar no one wants to sugar crash while driving I-80 across Wyoming). You want food with lots of fiber and protein to keep you feeling full.

Also pre-make some sandwiches. Pack veggies like tomato and lettuce, and condiments like mustard, separately so sandwiches don’t get soggie

Bring some Activia Yogurts, road trips do funny things to your digestive track, do what you can to keep yourself regular.

Finally I love to bring these Starbucks Via Instant Iced Coffee Packets. It is super easy to pour them into a bottle of water and have a quick cool pick me up as your driving.

Packing healthy protein and fiber rich foods for a road trip will help keep you from packing on the pounds.

Sip Water All Day Long!

The importance of drinking water can not be overstated. In this instance we are traveling from and elevation of 5280 feet to almost 700 feet and elevation change does weird things to your body (just ask people visiting Denver for the first time).

If you are like me though, and you don’t want to have to stop to pee every hour, drinking water is the last thing you want to do. Try sipping water through a straw to keep you from guzzling it down. Plan ahead and drink a full 16 ounces about an hour and a half to two hours before you will stop for gas.

Stay at a hotel that has a fitness center.

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness routine. We are staying at a hotel Tuesday night and the hotel has a fitness room. In the past I have never taken advantage of that particular amenity, but I have recently seen the error of my ways.

Tuesday I usually do spin so before bed on Tuesday I plan to visit the gym for a spin session (hopefully this helps put me to sleep as well, I get so excited on trips that I rarely sleep). Wednesday is pilates day so it will be nice to get into the gym in the morning and get in a nice run and a really good stretch before getting back in the car.

If a gym or fitness center isn’t available try a great workout video. This one from Popsugar is one of my favorites. If you don’t have yoga mat use a towel and don’t worry about using hand weights.

A great workout from Popsugar is a great way to get in a workout on a roadtrip.

I am so excited for this adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you. See y’all in Texas!


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