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Five Minute Friday: Fall Porch Makeover

It’s that time of year again. When the leaves change colors and it starts to get chilly and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (yuck I HATE pumpkin spice lattes, but everyone else loves them so I threw it in there). I’ts Fall. My favorite time of year!!!

This weeks Five Minute Friday is all about giving your front entrance that fall feel.

Makeover your porch for fall the fast easy way.

What makes this so simple is that you can use just about anything from around your home. Most of the stuff I used came from my own collection of stuff, I simply bought some fun floral accents (Fall Leaves, Flowers, Wheat Grass) to add a festive fall feel.

You don't need much to make your home feel like fall.

I didn’t want to replant the mums I bought at the market so I simply found containers that I could drop the pot they came in into, enter two wicker baskets, an old tin bucket and some left over raffia. I used raffia and some old burlap to fill in the space since the pots weren’t a perfect match in size (note to self for next year, measure existing pots before you go buy the mums). I had one plant left over so I simply tied a bunch of left over raffia around the pot the plant came in to disguise it (are you fooled?).

A turquoise bird cage adds a bright contrasting color when filled with raffia and some fake pumpkins and gords, (I love raffia, I used a lot of it in my wedding, to this day if you say the word raffia to any of my brides maids they will burst into tears).

Give your front entrance that fall feeling in a matter of minutes.

I made the little home sign from some leftover pallet wood about a month ago and still hadn’t figured out how use it. The bright red color of the lettering made it perfect fit on our little porch.

The crate I had been using to store pillows and blankets in our living room. Those got a new home for a few months. Finally I filled a wicker basket with a long garland of fall leaves for that “Ops this is all just random stuff that happened to be here but looks really cute and is totally unintentional” feel.

Give your front entrance that fall feeling in a matter of minutes.

The fun part of this is figuring it out. I literally took all the things I could possible use and put them on our porch and just started arranging till I found something I liked.

It took the total time of; an afternoon shopping (honestly, like 45 minutes at Hobby Lobby).

Which, speaking of,  let me wax-poetic about Hobby Lobby real quick, all the fall stuff was 40% off right now…which is great now because I want the stuff right now…unlike all the other craft shops where the stuff won’t be on sale until the season is over…who needs fake pumpkins and gords and fall leaves in December?

After I had gathered all my stuff it took about 15 minutes to put it all together.

Give your front entrance that fall feeling in a matter of minutes.

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am about fall and now every time I come home, or go check the mail, or sit on the front porch drinking my morning cup of Joe (I don’t actually do that, this isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting and my neighbors would freak in the morning if the first thing they saw we me freshly awoke and looking bedraggled), I’ll get that warm tingly fall feeling.

I hope this gave you some great idea’s. As always let me know what you think in the comments section. How are you ringing in the greatest season of them all?

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4 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Fall Porch Makeover

  1. sarahannealber
    September 11, 2015

    Super cute! I’m inspired!


  2. Brittany
    September 21, 2015

    Oh this is lovely! Every holiday I wish I had a porch because I see so many adorably creative ways to decorate. I love the color of your bird cage…it really pops. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Welcome Home Wednesday link party…I hope we see you again next week!


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