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Motivation Monday: Holiday Eating: Labor Day Edition.

Hot dogs and coleslaw and cookies Oh My!

It’s Labor Day. The last big blow out of the summer. Whether you’re camping, or cooking out at home, or heading to a ball game, chances are you will be surrounded by food. As humans there is something about social gatherings…they just are not the same without a ton of food…and for me that means eating ALL the food.

A few tips for surviving the Food Fest that is Labor Day.

So if you are like me and are trying to be really conscious of what you eat, here a few tips for surviving Labor Day this year.

Tip 1: BYO

Let’s say you are going to a cookout, even if it’s not potluck style offer to bring a side dish. Make sure the item you bring is something really healthy that you would love to eat. That way you have an option that you can fill up on besides the chips and baked beans. Fill free to have some of the chips and bean, but if you have filled up on a healthy option first you wont be as tempted to go back for that second plate full of the others. This year I am bringing this great salad to our family gathering.

  • Three Large Tomato’s (with most of the seeds removed)
  • One large cucumber (seeds scraped out and cut into cubes)
  • Two Avocados (cubed)
  • Two Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Half a teaspoon Salt
  • One teaspoon Pepper (less if you don’t like pepper but we like pepper)
  • One Lime (the juice and the zest).

Simply prepare and combine all ingredients and enjoy. You can add onions, bell pepper, zucchini, or other veggies of your choice. Add quinua or flax seed to up the fiber. Spice it up with some hot sauce or fresh herbs. The possibilities are endless.

Tip 2: Skip the buns.

For me that statement is blasphemy.  But I have come to realize if I skip things like hamburger and hot dog buns that leaves so much more room for things like ice cream and brownies (I mean carrots and celery). The concept here is to skip the thing that really isn’t that important to you so that you can have the other things that you really want. For me that is bread, I love hot dogs, and the bun is really just a carrying case for the hot dog, but it also takes a big chunk out of my daily points. So I can still have my hot dog, I just have it naked, and then I can have some of the other stuff that I really enjoy (like ten hot dogs). Don’t listen to Mr. Wonka….the man owns a candy factory where, for all we know, dozens of people died (I don’t remember every seeing Veruca Salt again, d0 you?).

Just remember the little things add up, skipping the bun is a great way to be able to have more of the stuff you want and not go off the deep end this labor day.

Tip 3: Skip the Alcohol.

I know blasphemy again! But the calories in beer, liquor and wine is pretty crazy. Opt for water, remember we talked about the importance of water the last two week. You could even bring some fabulous flavored water to share with everyone. If you must have a drink, just have one (Sorry Boromir).

If you are trying to keep up with your healthy lifestyle over Labor Day weekend here are a few tips to help you out.

One last take away; have fun! Listen if you end up going out and having a great time on Labor Day and go off the deep end (that’s what The Hubs says when I blow my points for the day) no big deal.  Go big or go home right. Just kidding, but cut yourself some slack. A healthy lifestyle is about moderation not deprivation. One day will not kill your goals, just get back on the wagon tomorrow and keep trekking, its a marathon, not a sprint.


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