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DIY Pallet Signs.

I have mentioned a stack of Pallets that The Hubs and I acquired about a year ago. They have been super useful for so many projects; our patio furniture, a book shelf and now these great decorating signs. We are getting ready for a fun family reunion and part of the weekend is a silent auction to raise money for a scholarship fund, so I decided to donate these to the auction.

I see these kinds of signs all over at places like World Market and Pottery Barn, and unfortunately they are not cheap. So this is a great way to get a custom piece for a fraction of the price. Free pallets are all over for the taking, check Craigslist (if you use Craigslist, please be safe when picking anything up or meeting anyone! I can’t stress this enough).

I found several of the scrap pieces that were left over from our previous projects, gave them all a good sanding and used stencils from Hobby Lobby to paint them.

The first one is a simple Welcome Sign. This looks great hanging in an entrance or simply leaning up against a wall near your front door (change up the decorations around the sign depending on the season).  Yes I realize there is no A at the end of Welcome, I just needed a place holder to get the spacing right.

Make your own Pallet Signs.


Great DIY Pallet signs for half the price you would pay for them ready made.

For the next sign I wanted to create a simple arrow, but while we were looking for the letter stencils at Hobby Lobby I found this great peacock feather stencil and I couldn’t resist. The body of the arrow I did by hand. I added large self leveling picture hangers to the back of each sign. for the Arrow Sign I added hangers on two sides so that it could be hung in different directions.

Add some custom fun to any space with a great DIY Pallet Sign.

For the last sign I put three pallet boards together  with two slats on the back. I attached the slates with wood glue and nails and used clamps to hold the whole thing together over night, for the wood glue to dry completely.

A great DIY pallet sign to add style to your home. and its nice and cheap.

Add a pop of color and fun to your space with this great DIY Pallet Sign.

Welcome Home Wednesday Feature.


5 comments on “DIY Pallet Signs.

  1. Faint Not Mom
    July 16, 2015

    These are so cute and you’re right – you would pay so much more for them at a store. I LOVE the feather stencil! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Chaos and Cheer
    September 2, 2015

    I love these! 🙂 I just saw free pallets on Craigslist this morning. I think my husband will be picking them up after work! Thanks for a great idea!


  3. Gina Nichols
    September 2, 2015

    Oh how simple and cute!! This gives me so much inspiration to spruce up our front porch.


  4. Lisa B.
    September 9, 2015

    Good Morning! Just popping in to let you know your post has been picked as a feature at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Stop by this morning to see your feature and link up!


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