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Motivation Monday: November Mantra.

Happy Monday everyone, and happy November, and happy Daylight Savings Time.

How are you holding up? It is always a harsh change to make. I think I might suffer from some mild seasonal depression…what can I say…I really miss the sun.

But no matter what the world throws at us we have to keep on trucking.

A hard lesson to learn.

October was a tough month. There were two weeks in there where I was really down on myself. It’s no fun when you feel like you are working really hard and not seeing any results. I seem to have hit a plateau and what I was doing before doesn’t seem to be working.

So I am going to try a few new things. Mostly diet related, which is the hardest thing for me. I enjoy food the way other people enjoy oxygen. Doing Weight Watchers has really challenged me in portion control and snacking, but the meals I make at home still tend to be heavy on the meat protein and carbs and low on the veggies.

I am making the commitment to not have any carbs for dinner five days a week for all of November (gotta make sure I can have some stuffing and mashed potato’s on Thanksgiving).

My best friend and I are also going to work to cut back/eliminate excess sugar from our diets. The recommended daily allowance of sugar is 24 grams. I recently looked at the nutrition label of one of my favorite soups and it had 20 grams of sugar in a single can, so that has got to go.

I think label reading is going to be the skill I want to improve upon the most in the month to come.

I think a lot of our meals will end up being grilled chicken with this awesome cucumber salad (one of the reasons I don’t eat a ton of veggies is I despise them cooked, and usually that is the only way people prepare them).



There are a few special meals I want to try.

Stuffed Red Pepper Recipe

These Stuffed Red Peppers with Quina, from Chungah over at Damn Delicious, look amazing. Ill probably cut out the corn and the cheese, just to keep it really low carb.


And this great Crock Pot Turkey Chili, from Steph over at Sustaining the Powers. I love using my crock pot when its cold outside, and it means I can make dinner first thing in the morning, so when its time for dinner all we have to do is serve and eat.

What are some of your  November Goals? What motivates you when you hit your plateaus? Whats your favorite low carb/low sugar recipe?


One comment on “Motivation Monday: November Mantra.

  1. Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn
    November 3, 2015

    I’ve been working on losing weight and this past first month of the journey, I’ve really just focused on walking more and watching what I eat. Now I am getting to the point where I am going to start adding in exercise. I’ve had a lot of success and it has been an enjoyable journey. My goals for November are to add in exercising, but especially weight training. Thanks for the post to keep it up!


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