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Five Minute Friday: Thrift Store Cake Stand.

Guys, how is it already Friday? Time is just flying by, maybe it is the lack of sun. I don’t do well in the dark winter. Is anyone else like this?

So today’s Five Minute Friday will require only two materials. Both can be found at your local Thrift Store, or maybe even around your house.

Fill a cup with seasonal decorations, put a plate on top and viola...instant cake stand.

I was at the Second Hand store the other day looking for picture frames, I only get my picture frames from the Second Hand store, and as I was walking past the kitcheware section I saw this great plate and I said to myself “Self, that would be a perfect cake stand, to bad….” I was at the end of the aisle when I saw a super cute wine glass and the ligth bulb when off…”Make that awesome plate into a cake stand!”

An hour later, after playing around with a couple of different options, texting The Hubs for his opinion and trying to check out and realizing that I couldn’t just buy one glass I had to buy the whole set of eight (does anyone need seven spare wine glasses?), and then heading home I was finished and had a perfectly wonderful cake stand.

Don't buy a premade cake stand, head to the thrift store and design your own.

I played around with few different options. I like them all, in the end I went with the wine glass.

The etching on the plate I found make it fit nice and tight to the top of the plate and keep it from sliding around. If you found a plate you liked that was flat on the bottom I thing a small ring of hot glue just a bit bigger then the diameter of the glass you use would work well.

Here is another fun perk of this Found Object Creation….you can fill the glass up to give it a decorative, seasonal look. I started with some small acorns, then I tried black river rocks, and even threw a glittery pine-cone in there for the holidays.
Cake Stand DIY Cup and Plate


We make a ton of Graham Cracker Salted Chocolate Toffee Treats and Pretzel Peanut Caramel Corn to take to our neighbors and co-workers, they look pretty cute on top of our new cake stand.

Use a vintage wine glass and plate to create a beautiful cake stand.

Use a vintage wine glass and plate to create a beautiful cake stand.


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One comment on “Five Minute Friday: Thrift Store Cake Stand.

  1. Mariana
    October 31, 2015

    It looks amazing! Congrats on your creativity 🙂


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