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Five Minute Friday: Lamp Makeover.

Well Day Lights Savings Time has happened and I’m struggling. I know I have mentioned it several times, and I’m sure I am beating a dead horse, but it really bringing me down.

So in an effort to brighten up my space I am doing some lamp makeovers. Mostly my lamps needs new shades and a bit of a freshen up on the base’s.

I didn’t buy any of the lamps in my house, the poor style wasn’t a choice. Most of them are had me downs from various years of living in various houses with various people in college. But now I have them and why buy something new when you can fix up something old for half the price.

You might remember my trash can makeover with rope…well I am learning quickly that there isn’t anything that can’t be made over with a little hot glue and some rope.

This little blue lamp spends most of its time (I don’t know what it does when I’m not here) on the bookshelf in our entrance. Its nice enough and does the job, but I think its time for something new.

This quick fix took about twenty minutes.

A little hot glue and some rope and any lamp can become a little more interesting.

All you need is rope, I used sisal twine from the craft store, a hot glue gun, and a lamp you don’t like anymore (you could find some at the thrift store and make them over).

I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Make sure to turn the whole lamp, so the wires inside don’t get twisted and brake.

I haven’t purchased a new shade yet. I need to find one that is a little bit bigger than the current shade, and if after that I still don’t like it I can always do something else, as I look at it now I kinda want to try to white wash the base and the rope.

A quick and easy lamp makeover using only rope and hot glue.

What do y’all think. Should I keep it or change it up?

Another little update from life on the Frontier. As we start to approach the Holidays I always get really excited…and just a little apprehensive.  People put so much pressure on themselves to create a perfect Holiday Season and I think in the end it just makes us all crazy.

So in an effort to avoid that I have been participating in two Instagram Challenges for the month of November; #onemonthofthankfulness (which I found out about through Rebekah over at Surviving Toddlerhood) and #thepeonyproject #gratitude (the Monthly Challenge for all the gal who are a part of The Peony Project).

November Instagram Challenge. Gratitude.

Both are daily challenges, I have only to do every other-ish day. Non the less, it has been an encouraging experience. To be able to look back and be grateful for the things I do have like; amazing friends, a beautiful place to call home and coffee. And not envious of the things I don’t.  So each Friday this month I will be checking in at the end of my post with all the things I was thankful for during the week.

Feel free to join us if you would like to, someone once said “Its not joy that makes us grateful, its gratitude that makes us joyful.”

See y’all soon.



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