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Make your own Slate Tray from old wood and chalk paint.

One of the things I have really wanted for a long time is a slate tray to use for serving cheese and fruit when we have wine nights. But if you have looked at the price of slate trays they are not cheap. Enter this old photo of the Eiffel Tower on fiber board that I got at Walmart for my dorm room in college (yes I still have things from college, some stuff I tend not to throw away….no I am not a hoarder….ok maybe a selective hoarder).

Make your own slate serving tray from and old piece of wood and some chalk paint.

Recently I was doing a purge of our stuff for Spring and I came across the photo in the closet and thought to myself I should get rid of it, it will never be a part of my style again. Then a small voice in the back of my head (always listen to this voice if you have one) said “give it a week and see if you can come up with something to do with it”. I kid you not, that night lying in bed I had the idea to spray paint it with chalk paint, add some fun handles and call it the slate tray of my dreams!

This project is another easy, quick one. I think it took me all of a morning to do.

Materials for this project are:

  • A piece of fiber board the size you want it.
  • Sand paper
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Handles that you like
  • A screw driver.
  • A drill and drill bit that is the right size for the screws on the handle.

A little chalk paint and an old picture of the Eiffel Tower equals a great slate serving tray hack.

How to:

  1. Cut the fiber board to the size you want it. Because I am reusing this old picture I didn’t need this step (but I don’t want to assume that everyone has an old wooden photo of Paris lying around their house….though that wouldn’t be a totally crazy assumption).
  2. Prime your pieces of wood by sanding it a little to rough up the surface. Real slate is very smooth so you might want to sand a little more if your fiber board is really rough to create that smooth surface.
  3. Apply a few coats of chalk spray paint. You can also use a paint brush but I was trying to avoid being able to see paint brush marks on the finished product. I allowed about an hour dry time between each coat.
  4. Once the piece is completely dry measure to find the center of the piece and mark where the handles will go.
  5. Pre drill the holes for the handles, this will keep the wood from splintering when you screw the handles on.
  6. Add the handles and VIOLA!

Add wine and cheese…and most importantly friends and it’s a party!

 A great quick way to make your own slate tray from an old piece of wood and some chalk spray paint.1-Funky_Junks_Party_Junk_link_party.29-AM



2 comments on “Make your own Slate Tray from old wood and chalk paint.

  1. Stephanie @ Sustaining the Powers
    June 5, 2015

    “Then a small voice in the back of my head (always listen to this voice if you have one)” I love this sentence. And I love the voice in the back of your head. It makes amazing things! I have always wanted a slate tray too, but they are so $$$$$$$$. I’m totally going to have to find a photo of Paris in the back of my closet and make one for myself!


    • vintagefrontier
      June 5, 2015

      I found another picture like mine today at the Thrift Shop. We will totally have to make one when I get back from Vegas…then have a wine and cheese party.


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