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There’s No Place Like Local: The Thrift Shop.

For our June edition of There’s No Place Like Local we are gonna take a look at one of my favorite places….The Local Thrift Shop.

There's No Place Like Local

Nothing says recycling like finding stuff that other people decided they didn’t want and making it into something that somebody (namely you) do want. This is also a great way to support your community, a lot of thrift stores offer other services in the community, find one that you can support and get behind whatever it is they are doing.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your local Thrift Shop.

#1 Take Cash.

  • Some Thrift Stores accept credit cards but just in case it is always best to have cash. You also might be able to barter if they shop is a smaller one and having cash on hand will always sweeten a deal for the seller. Credit Card Companies charge retailers to run your card so if you can save them some money by paying cash they will probably be a little more flexible on price. At the bigger Thrift Shops like Salvation Army and ARC there is no chance to barter.

#2 Have a plan.

  • Know what you are looking for. I have a running list of things I like to find at thrift shops : Picture frames, textiles, furniture, kitchen items, glass ware, Danskos. This will keep you from buying things you didn’t plan on…which will help you stick to your budget…if like me…you have a thrift store budget.

Why spend a fortune on a glass cake stand at the department stores when you can find a beautiful one at your local thrift shop. Here are some tips for making the most of your thrift store trips.

#3 Be prepared to deviate from the plan.

  • Sometimes you come across a great piece and you just can’t pass it up. People have been known to make great finds at thrift stores. On a recent trip I found a great mid-century sewing table, complete with the original sewing machine, you hardly ever see that. I have one already, we use it as our bar/drink cabinet, but it was something you don’t usually see and it was only $45.00, what an awesome find.

A great find at my local thrift store. Here's a few tips for making the most of your thrift store shopping.

#4 Think outside the box.

  • How can you re-use something from the thrift shop to be something else? Can you remake some curtains into a table cloth? What about turning an old desk into a kitchen island. Those ugly old vases into something pretty. There are all kind great stuff that can be re-purposed into something different.

Thinking outside the boxes it key to finding great pieces at the thrift store, here are a few other tips.

#4 Go with a friend!

  • Shopping with a friend is much more exciting than shopping alone. Its also great to get a second opinion, sometimes you think something is a great idea and it’s nice to have someone tell you that your “great ideas” are not even sane ideas. Like this lovely piece I found yesterday, my inner Junk Gypsy came out and I was convinced I had to have it, The Hubs talked me out of getting it, He said if I still couldn’t stop thinking about it in a week I could go back and get it.
Funky finds at the thrift store are my favorite. Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your thrift store shopping sessions.

Who doesn’t need a little Scarlet O’Hara in their life…frankly my dears…The Hubs didn’t give a damn.

What are some of your tips for making the most of your thrift store shopping sessions? Any great finds? Share away friends. See y’all next month as we take a trip to some garage sales and see what treasures we can find.


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