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Chicken Wire Cloche and Cake Carrier

You might be asking yourself what in the world is a Cloche….at least that’s what The Hubs was asking.

According to the internet (the source of all information) a cloche is “a small translucent cover for protecting or forcing outdoor plants.”

Obviously that is not the purpose of these…I repeat you will not be be forcing any plants with these.

But boy do they look cute in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, on your patio, anywhere really.  And when a ten foot by four foot roll of chicken wire only costs about twelve dollars, you could realistically put one one every room of your house.

DIY Chicken Wire Cloche and Cake Carrier

Here’s what you need:

  1. Chicken Wire
  2. Wire Cutters
  3. Needle Nose Pliers
  5. About four hours (if you make a few it will take some time.)


  • Lay out your chicken wire on a flat surface. Weigh down the ends.
  • Cut off a piece about the diameter of the Cloche/Cake Carrier you want to make. If you cut in the middle of where the wires twist it will make it easier later on to attach the two sides, and you can cut right down the center creating a straight line.

DIY Chicken Wire Cloche

  • The chicken wire should roll back up into a tube (which is nice).
  • Use your needle nose pliers to attach the two sides.

Wrapping the wire this way gives you the cleanest look.

  • Only go up to where you want the dome to begin. There are two ways I found, that work, to create the dome.
    • The first is to scrunch up the top while you use you’re fist, from inside the tube, to create the rounded dome. You’ll have a nice little handle thingy (there really was no other way to describe it…I tried…for 10 minutes!) which is where you can add fun hardware later.
    • The second is to cut out three V shaped notches and then fold the remainder in, kind of like wrapping a present. This method makes for a cleaner look.

Chicken Wire Cloche DIY

  • Once you are done make sure to go over the piece with you’re wire cutters to make sure there are not any sharp pieces of wire poking out. (I’m a safety freak.)
  • As a final touch add a handle. I used some hardware left over from other projects and I also took some spare lose wire and make a loop for the taller cloche.

For the Cake Carrier:

  • The steps are the same up to creating the dome. Instead of creating a domed top though, you will use a flat circle of wire for the top of the cake carrier.

Chicken Wire Cake Carrier

  • Attaching the top is the same way as you did the sides.
  • Make sure to trim of any sharp wires poking out.

Chicken Wire Caker Carrier DIY

  • Finish up with handle of some kind.

Now that you are all finished. Have some friends over for coffee and show off your new creations.

Cake Carrier out of Chicken Wire.

Chicken Wire Cloche and Cake Carrier

Chicken Wire Cloche and Cake Carrier


I have wanted to find a creative way to use this chicken wire for a long time and these were the perfect way to put a nice dent in the our supply.But I still have more…which is lucky for you…we have one more day of chicken wire week. See y’all Friday as we shed a little light on a final way for me to use up that chicken wire.


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