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Chicken Wire Picture Display

For Day One of Chicken Wire Week I want to share with you and easy Thrift Shop up-cycle project.

A quick project up-cycling and old frame with chicken wire.

The local thrift shop is one of my favorite places to go. I usually stop by every Monday to see what they have and I keep a running list of things to always look for. One of those is picture frames, not just any picture frames but ones with real meat to them. I like them to be large and ornate, made of good solid wood and a little unique. I don’t really care about whats in the frame, that is going to get changed out with (you guessed it) Chicken Wire.

Like most of my DIY’s this one is pretty simple

Tools You’ll Need. 

  1. Good Gloves (chicken wire can be nasty stuff so it’s best to have no exposed skin on your arms).
  2. Wire Cutters (some pairs of pliers will have wire cutters at the base, those will work just fine). DO NOT TRY TO USE SCISSORS.
  3. Staple Gun.
  4. Picture frame of your choice.
  5. And of course….Chicken Wire.


  • Find a frame that you would like to use, it can be square, round, hexagon….the sky is really the limit. Pick one that speaks to you. Just make sure it is made of real wood and sturdy enough to hold the staples from a staple gun.
  • Remove whatever awful still life, mountain scene, or creepy clown picture may be in the frame.
  • Clean the frame up. I always clean everything I bring home from the thrift shop. Mostly because I want to make sure I know what I am working with (and I don’t like germs).
  • If you want to paint, stain, decoupage, gold leaf (this is something I want to try soon) go ahead and get that part finished. This is a project I did right around the time I made my book shelf so it is the same color black. At the time I envisioned them going together (you know what they say about the best laid plans).
  • Cut chicken wire into the shape of your frame (it is easier to work with a small section of chicken wire than the whole roll), giving yourself a 2-4 inch allowance so you can trim the edges once you get it staples down.
  • I use the bottom or top edge of the chicken wire on one side of the frame because it already has a straight edge. If you are using a round or oval shape you will need to do a little more finagling.
  • I chose to attach the chicken wire to the frame in the rabbet (no I am not confusing my barnyard animals, the rabbet is the part of the frame where the picture sits) so that the wire wouldn’t (potentially) scratch the wall when it was hanging.

Chicken Wire Picture Frame Close UP

  •  Work your way all around the edge of the frame. It doesn’t need to be locked tightly in place.
  • If you want to cover the back of the frame you can.
  • Then just grab some of your favorite pictures and attach with clothes pins. You could do something really simple with just one photo or keep it like a bulletin board, that was my vision.
A great thrift shop up-cycle project using an old frame and some chicken wire.

These are a few of my favorite things.

This project could easily be completed in a day and can be used in so many different ways. Let me know if you give it a try and how you like it.

Tune in on Wednesday for another great way to use chicken wire in your home, it will really take the cake!


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