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Five Minute Friday: Tomato Cage Decorative Christmas Tree.

Happy day after Thanksgiving y’all. I hope it was a warm joyful day for each of you. Even though the weather was a little iffy yesterday we had a wonderful time with our family.

I can imagine, by now, a few of you have done some shopping, maybe eaten some leftover, and are moving onto decorating for the next holiday on the list. Around my house we don’t usually do Black Friday, we aren’t big on crowds. Leftover will be consumed in mass quantities, however, and to be completely honest my house is already set up for Christmas.

Back in September I showed you a great Fall Porch Makeover.

Just in time for Christmas here are a few ways you can jazz up your front porch or entry for the Most Wonderful Time of The Year  (ques up the Christmas music)!

An unused tomato cage from your summer garden becomes and amazing Christmas decoration.

If Thanksgiving is my favorite fall holiday, Christmas is my favorite winter holiday (I have a ton of favorites, it is actually a running joke in my family)!

The focal point of my porch for Christmas is a little Christmas trees made from a one of my tomato cages from my summer garden.

I have mentioned a few time (ok maybe a thousand) that I love reusing things depending on the season. It saves a ton of storage space if you can use it for one purpose in the summer and another in the winter.

These are so simple and come together in…you guessed it…about five minutes.

Before I went out to the craft store for garland I checked at my local thrift store. The prices are wonderful, so I always check there first. Then if I can’t find it secondhand I head to the craft store. Unfortunately for me this time the thrift store was clean out of any holiday decorations.

While I was picking up the garland I also grabbed some battery powered string lights, and red burlap ribbon. I used about five nine foot strands of garland and two nine foot strings of lights.

Simply wrap the garland around the tomato cage (I started at the bottom and worked up but I am pretty sure you could start at the top), then add the burlap ribbon and lights.

An unused tomato cage from your summer garden becomes and amazing Christmas decoration.

A few side notes; make sure you weigh down the cage once its were you want it and try to put your tree where it will be out of the weather (I am not sure how fake garland really holds up against snow and water).

An unused tomato cage from your summer garden becomes and amazing Christmas decoration.

Well that does it for another Five Minute Friday post. I would love to know what y’all have thought about this little corner of my inter-webs. Comment below or email me if you wish at

Till next week (when we have all slept off our food comas).



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One comment on “Five Minute Friday: Tomato Cage Decorative Christmas Tree.

  1. Mary-The Boondocks Blog
    November 27, 2015

    This is a great project! For 5 minutes it sure packs a punch! I really like how you have decorated with the pretty blanket and pillow. Have a great rest after Thanksgiving.


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