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Motivation Monday: Thanksgiving Workout Round Up.

Dun nu…..Dun nu…Dan nu..dun nu dun nu dun nu….(Insert Jaws theme music here).

Thanksgiving is just a three days away and that means feasting! I love feasting. I can’t wait to feast…however, the part of me that is trying to lose weight is dying inside a little.

If you eat a normal Thanksgiving meal here is what you would have to do to work it all off. I hope no one likes Mashed Potato’s and Gravy…is it even possible to do 600 Burpees in a day?

Thanksgiving Workout Roundup.

I don’t think I will be able to do all that but I will definitely be doing a Turkey Trot in the morning before we head out for dinner. This year we are actually doing our own Turkey Trot instead of paying for one, basically we are going to our favorite lake and are going to do a 5k. We might run it, we might walk it, but either way we are going to start our morning with a little cardio. If there is time in the evening after dinner (before we head out Black Friday Shopping, JK I don’t play those game) I might do one of these great workouts.

Thanksgiving Workout Roundup

What an awesome name for a workout and you can do it form the calm and piece of your own home.

Thanksgiving Workout Roundup

This workout comes from Brittany over at Eating Bird Food. Challenge Accepted.

This one is super simple, take a break in between eating and football watching to burn off a few courses of turkey and stuffing.

Thanksgiving Workout Roundup

This great workout uses resistance bands which are one of my favorite ways to work out.

Thanksgiving Workout Round Up.

Maybe all you want to do after eating and hanging out with family is sleep. Here are some fun restorative Yoga Poses to get your body ready for sleep….though who really needs help sleeping on Thanksgiving?

If your family is more active, get out and play some football, throw a baseball around, go for a long walk, together. You wont even know you are working out.

I have mentioned before that I plan to splurge on Thanksgiving and I don’t think anyone should be afraid to. There is a time and a place for allowing yourself all those great foods that you really want. Its a great motivator to keep up my workouts this week and even go a little harder.

Do you have any favorite workouts that you like to do on the Holiday to lessen the blow of feasting?

I hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving.



3 comments on “Motivation Monday: Thanksgiving Workout Round Up.

  1. Jenna
    November 24, 2015

    These are really good ideas!!! I was watching the Today show yesterday and they said some people consume up to 14,000 calories on Thanksgiving dinner alone. Whoa! I better get to walking.. Haha.


    • vintagefrontier
      November 24, 2015

      Walk it off girl! I saw that too, I am gonna bring a blue plate so hopefully I eat less. I love love love your Honey Butter recipe I can’t wait to make some.


  2. Sophia
    November 24, 2015

    whoa, these are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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