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Motivation Monday: Vacation Eating, Portion Control

I have been having an amazing time at Texas Antiques Week. I hope you all enjoyed tagging along on Friday as Steph and I tooled around, the service was amazingly sketchy…note to self for next time.

As we speak we are driving back to Colorado….and it is a long trip.

While I was in Texas, I have to confess, I may have gone over my points a few days. If you are just joining us, for Motivation Monday, I have been doing Weight Watcher for several months now and I like to share a few of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What's a girl to do on vacation in Texas when she is trying to watch what she eats.

Whataburger was awesome. But my day took a big blow.

While we have been in Texas my goal has been to get in all my steps each day…not hard when you are walking around antique shops all day. Not going over my daily points each day was also a goal on this trip,  a really hard goal when you are away from home.

At home I control what is in my fridge, and what my schedule is like. But here (on semi vacation) I don’t have that ability. So how do you do it? How can you be mindful of what you eat when your away from home, but still enjoy visiting a new place? Especially a place like Austin where the food is amazing?

Tip #1

If you are eating out ask for a to-go box when they bring your food, and before you even begin eating put half of your food in the to-go box. Save it for the next day.

Tip #2

Share. It was probably the first lesson you learned in kindergarten, apply it. Instead of eating all the amazing french toast at breakfast, share with the table. Share appetizers and desserts. The Hubs and I frequently share things like sides and drinks.

A few tips and tricks for eating while on vacation.

Mmmm Breakfast Taco’s it takes a ton of self control to eat just one.

Tip #3

Get things like dressing, cheese, butter on the side then you can add a smaller portion and get the same flavor, they seem to deliver bigger portion sizes down here in Texas.

What do you do when you’re traveling to maintain self control?


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