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Five Minute Friday: Hudson Bay Blanket Pillow

Last Saturday morning (which just happened to be on of the hottest days of the year) I did a little garage sale free-styling (I have been binge watching to much American Pickers and this is now my favorite word).

First thing in the morning I went to the Denver Street Flea Market that a friend recommended. As you may recall my last Flea Market  experience was less than ideal, but the flyer for this one was pretty interesting so I thought I would grab some Starbucks and give it a try, even though I was a little bit hesitant (I’ll do just about anything if it means I can get some Starbucks, that’s how I trick myself into doing things I don’t always want to).

As usual I went in with a plan. I wanted to look for the few key items that are always on my list; metal trays, 24 space soda bottle crates, embroidery hoops, metal springs and a few other items.  I was one of the first people there and I found  quite a few things that were on my list, including a great little antique Montgomery Ward cast iron fan, that I scooped up real quick.

Found some great Hudson Bay like Blankets at the flea market, they will make some great pillows. See this quick project here.

I was by myself this morning, as The Hubs was home working, but I sent him an update of my early haul.

Then I found these great Hudson Bay Blankets. Hudson Bay Blankets are wool blankets that were made in Britain for trade with Native American’s on the East Coast in the 18th and 19th century. The Hudson Bay Company in Canada continues to sell the iconic blankets that have become synonymous with Canadian and Northeastern rustic style. The traditional colors of the Hudson Bay Blankets are white with Green, Yellow, Red and Indigo Stripes.

The blankets that I found was cut into two pieces and there were no points, points are short black lines woven into the blanket just above the bottom set of stripes, they indicate the finished overall size of a blanket and allow a blanket’s size to be easily determined while remaining folded. There was also no Hudson Bay Company Tag, HBC began adding the tags in 1890 to distinguish their blankets from competitors.  The stripe pattern wasn’t in the correct order and I am pretty sure the fabric is synthetic. Based on all this I was pretty sure the blanket was a knock off.

When I realized I wasn’t looking at a true collectible Hudson Bay Blanket my next thought was pillows. I love having comfy cozy pillows out when we sit around the fire pit in the fall and this fabric is such a fun rustic pattern that I thought it would work out really well and it would be a super simple project with my limited sewing skills. All in all it cost about $50 for three pillows and about three hours of sewing.

This is a quick easy afternoon project that will add warm rustic charm to any space this fall.


  • Fabric. I am not sure if you can order fabric like this online but you could take a look. Any thick wool like fabric will work.
  • Batting or second hand pillows to stuff in the cases. I went to the thrift shop and found two matching square pillows and a small rectangle that I liked and just used those.
  • A sewing machine, thread, straight pins, other sewing accouterments.
  • A friend who knows how to sew (if you are like me and a little wet behind the ear’s).

How To:

  1. Measure the pillows that you are covering.
  2. Cut the fabric into squares, using scissors or a rotary cutter and a mat, the size of the pillows you are covering plus a half inch on each side for a seam allowance. I used the lines of the stripes to give me straight-ish lines.
  3. Sew three of the sides together and half of the fourth side.
  4. Flip the case inside out and  stuff the pillow into the case.
  5. Hand sew the last bit of seam together.

This is a quick easy afternoon project that will add warm rustic charm to any space this fall.

I am not a master seamstress. I am actually pretty bad. At one point I forgot to put the presser foot down on the sewing machine and that seam turned out real crazy looking, however this is a pretty forgiving project so if you’re a beginner like me just give it a swing and see what happens (that’s why Jesus invented seam rippers). 

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2 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Hudson Bay Blanket Pillow

  1. Happily Ever After Etc.
    August 29, 2015

    These turned out so cute! I never knew all of that info about these special blankets! I have a bunch that were handed down to me by my Grandpa… I’ll have to go take a look to see if they’re the real deal or not! Haha! Thanks for linking up with us at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Can’t wait to see you back next week!


    • vintagefrontier
      September 2, 2015

      I hope someday to find a real one, but these will have to satisfy my craving for now. Let me know if yours are real. Thanks for hosting. It is fun to have so much creative content in one easy location.


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