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Five Minute Friday: Enamelware Flower Pot.

I see these enamelware pots all over at antique shops and flea markets and since it is spring time I thought I would share with y’all a great way to turn antique enamelware into a flower pot . One of the cool things about these is the great colors they come in, I have seen blue, red, green, yellow, even purple.

This one I found last year at an antique shop in Grand County, Colorado. If The Hubs and I are on a trip we usually try to schedule in a day to go antiquing wherever we are at, new places always yield cool new finds, and it’s something we really love to do together. I think he likes to go with me so he can open all of the box he see’s in case someone left a million dollars in there accidentally, (to date the only things he has ever found are; a dead spider, an old lighter, and a receipt for gas from 1986). 

Here a quick and easy project to add a fun antique feel to your patio or garden.

Here’s an educational moment for your Friday: Enamelware is any item with a porcelain enamel finish, most commonly its a metal (steel or aluminum) pot, pan, bowl, plate, etc, coated in enamel. They were most popular in the mid 1900’s but are still made today. Envision old camping cookware and dinnerware and that’s enamelware.

All you need for this project is an enamelware pot and some spray polyurethane.

Clean your pan/pot/tea kettle/whatever, thoroughly (my favorite product for cleaning is TSP, make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions ). If there are some spots where the enamel has worn away and you can see to the metal that is fine. The polyurethane will cover the metal and keep it from rusting.

Here is the deal though, there are no holes for drainage in the bottom of the pot, so if you tend to get a little heavy handed with the watering or you get tons of rain where you live you might want to not use these kinds of flower pots, or you can drill drainage holes in the bottom. It is entirely up to you.

I didn’t drill any holes as I am pretty good about not over watering my plants. Simply spray several coats of polyurethane all over the outside and inside of the pot. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another (yes I realize that this will take a little more than 5 minutes but it really only takes about a morning and involves very little effort). 

Once your pot is completely dry simply add dirt and flowers. Viola!

What a fun way to add some color to your patio or garden, with this antique enamelware flower pot.


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