Where every piece of junk has endless possibilities!

What’s this Vintage Frontier?

What is Vintage Frontier?

It’s the idea that over every horizon there is unlimited potential. That there are endless possibilities in every piece of junk! More practically it’s a lifestyle blog full of fun tips and tricks for your home and life. If you love pallets and antiques, if you like making your own furniture and growing your own vegetables, is the local flea-market or home improvement store your favorite place for a date? Me too!

Who is Vintage Frontier for?

For the country girl on a budget, who wants style and function. Weather you live way out in the woods, or deep in the heart of the city. Someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. The girl who’s mom threw away all her grandmothers cool old stuff…and now she wants it back.

If that is you, then follow me. I’ll share all my fun projects (even the ones that fail).

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